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Freezer Brick

FinePE™ Ice Bricks provide a reliable non-mechanical refrigeration for the safe transport of food products, pharmaceuticals, and other medical products. These reusable bricks will help protect your products against excessive high or low temperatures in reduced size, weight and freight costs.

Freezer Bricks Features

l High and new technology biological material

l Packaged in durable HDPE

l Designed to withstand the toughest of bumps, tumbles and thuds

l Reusable, Eco-friendly,Non-toxic and odorless

l Option bevel design, better splicing and insulation effect

l Chills ice and contents faster and helps keep your ice cooler, longer

l Designed to withstand the toughest of bumps, tumbles and thuds

l No puddles to drain, just toss it back in your freezer

l Custom shape helps freeze Yeti ice faster in your freezer

Esky Ice Brick FUNCTION

1. Medical use: Refrigerated transport all kinds of biological  reagents, pharmaceuticals, serum, vaccines,etc.

2. Home care: Physical cooling, fever cold hemostatic, hurt sprain, physical therapy to  protect skin, etc

3. Refrigerated transport: Poultry meat, fruit and vegetables, dairy products, aquatic  products, agricultural products, chocolate, cooked food and other kinds of goods  transportation.

4. Cold storage preservation: Fresh breast milk, beer drinks cold, cold storage   preservation of food and other goods

5. The lunch box preservation: Knowing that what you pack will stay cool and fresh until you are ready to eat

6. The usage for outdoor: It’s an ideal product for camping, picnic barbecue, fishing, and long-distance travel kept cold food and beverage products.

7. Cooling: Can be used in the air conditioning fans tank, cool the air-conditioning fans.

Ice Cooler Brick Production Process

1.Blow molding process into ice box

2.Filling phase change materials

3.Ultrasonic welding seal

4.Pressure leak detection

5.Coded packaging


Phase Transformed:

 Available PCMs 0℃ 5℃ 20℃ -5℃ -10℃ -21℃ -24℃ -33℃

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