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COVID-19 Container

vaccine Transport Cooler Box

FinePE™ XIU / XPU series vaccine transport cooler box has been widely used in all medicine subdivisions for high-standard cold-chain transportation. Our professional team can provide customized solutions from product packaging, transportation, process temperature control, and the insulation hours can be up to about 120. 

Vaccine Transport Cooler Features

  • Unique VIP and PU integrated foaming technology, long time temperature keeping

  • One-piece hollow plate folded shell made the container more firmly

  • Solder joints are more secure and beautiful

  • Trapezoidal connection between the box body and the cover, sealing tightly

  • Each insulation box is independently verified, report can be queried

  • Built-in temperature monitoring system can record data in real time, report can be printed by Bluetooth printer

Details OF vaccine transport cooler box

  • Trapezoidal connection, sealing tightly

  • External handle is easy to carry

  • Built-in temperature monitoring system

  • One piece hollow plate folded shell

Relavent Data

Duration(Hr)Temperature range(℃)
   24~48 -15~-252~815~25

Mail for support or if you have questions.E-mail: info@cimccoldchain.com

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