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Cooler Box

Commercial Cool Boxes

Commercial Cool Boxes has extensive experience in restaurants and fast casual chains, evidence rooms, liquor stores, florists, medical/science, wineries, cannabis, testing rooms and cold storage facilities. In addition, in order to manufacture customized walk-in furniture that meets your design requirements, we also provide: refrigeration; parts and door hardware; metal decoration engineering reports; and delivery and installation.

Food Cool Boxes

Commercial Cool Boxes are suitable for the transportation and storage of refrigerated and frozen food, beverages and samples in commercial catering. Commercial refrigerated boxes have sturdy design and high-quality insulated boxes to large-size food and beverage storage capabilities, which can meet the requirements of catering refrigerated boxes, and are very suitable for indoor and outdoor commercial catering and street food markets.

Family Picnic Cool Boxes

Specially designed and manufactured to provide the highest cooling efficiency, Commercial Cool Boxes can cool items for up to 10 days without power supply!

Have a family picnic and want your drink or sandwich to feel like it just came out of the refrigerator? Cool CIMC can provide you and your family with satisfactory services.

Great for playing games and great for fishing? Our game cooler series will keep your catch fresh and have a capacity of over 600 liters. We provide various capacities and storage spaces, suitable for anything that anyone captures on any ship.

Catering and commercial food storage requirements?

To ensure that your food and products are kept at the optimum temperature for the fresh quality of the freshly picked food. Or use the table temperature heated to the oven.

We even provide our own commercial refrigerators, which are specially designed and manufactured for medical transportation. In these countries, constant and stable temperature needs are the highest.

With our industry-leading design and durable performance

What is the Difference Between a Medical Refrigerator and a Household Refrigerator?

Cold Chain Equipment Manufacturer to tell you what the difference is. The refrigerators commonly used in medicine are mainly divided into: medicine refrigerators (2-8°C), blood refrigerators (4°C), low temperature refrigerators, and ultra-low temperature refrigerators. There are also big differences between medical refrigerators and household refrigerators in the selection of materials, production methods, instructions.

We work closely with commercial and corporate companies to design and supply a variety of non-powered coolers to meet the specific needs of their customers. With the continuous improvement of environmental and carbon footprint awareness, we can provide many solutions for unpowered and durable refrigeration. Please contact our sales team to discuss the various options available today.

If you are looking for reliable, high quality, durable and smart design, then our meet your various needs.

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