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  • FinePE 20C Cold Packs

  • FinePE 20C Cold Packs

  • FinePE 20C Cold Packs

  • FinePE 20C Cold Packs

FinePE 20C Cold Packs

Product Description

FinePE™ Cold packs provide an economical choice for safe transport of temperature-sensitive items, such as pharmaceuticals and food. These packs will help protect your products against excessive high or low temperatures.


1. Most used for applications that need to maintain a controlled room temperature

2. Phase change temperature is 20°C

3. Provides thermal protection when shipping products between 15-25°C

4. When used as liquid, keeps contents warm

5. When used as solid, protects contents from heat

6. Available in flexible and rigid packaging

7. Option puncture resistant nylon laminate film

8. Available the logo you request

Product List

ItemModelSize(mm)Volume(ml)Phase Transformation PointWeight(g)InnerPackage
1Z09-1500-20C  325*245*30150020°C1238Floral Foam+PCMsPE
31258Floral Foam+PCMsPE+Carton
4Z13-600-20C290*130*2360020°C495Floral Foam+PCMsPE
6515Floral Foam+PCMsPE+Carton
7Z15-1200-20C300*200*30110020°C908Floral Foam+PCMsPE
9928Floral Foam+PCMsPE+Carton
10Z20-850-20C 240*140*35 85020°C
Floral Foam+PCMsPE
Floral Foam+PCMsPE+Carton


1. Medical use: Refrigerated transport all kinds of biological  reagents,pharmaceuticals,serum,vaccines,etc.

2. Home care: Physical cooling,fever cold hemostatic,hurt sprain,physical therapy to  protect skin,etc

3. Refrigerated transport: Poultry meat,fruit and vegetables,dairy products,aquatic  products,agricultural products,chocolate,cooked food and other kinds of goods  transportation.

4. Cold storage preservation: Fresh breast milk,beer drinks cold,cold storage  preservation of food and other goods

5. The lunch box preservation: Summer lunch box (or food) is easy to deteriorate.The  lunch box in order to keep low temperature,Ice boxes and bento can be put in ice  bags,when need to eat,can be heated to eat.

6. The usage for outdoor:It’s an ideal products for camping,picnic barbecue,fishing,and  long distance travel kept cold food and beverage products.

7. Cooling: Can be used in the airconditioning fans tank,lower the temperature of the  water tank water,air-conditioning fans to cool down.


1. Please do not put in a microwave oven

2. Do not eat,it's not food
3. Not intended for unsupervised use with children under 12 years of age and not suitable for children under 3 years of age .
4. For external use only.
5. If pack is damaged,punctured or broken,cracked,discard immediately.


Our services:

Accept Customize Products

1. Color: any panstone;

2. Logo:Engraving or Sticking

3.Type: label,display box,opp bag,shrink wrap,ect.

4. Material:HDPE plastic, Paper, Carton etc

5. Sample time: 7 days after design be confirmed

6. More can be negotiated



1. FedEx/DHL/TNT for samples, Door-to-Door;

2. By Air or by Sea for batch goods, for FCL; Airport/ Port receiving;

3. Customers specifying freight forwarders or negotiable shipping methods!

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