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  • EPP Insulated Shipping Containers

  • EPP Insulated Shipping Containers

  • EPP Insulated Shipping Containers

  • EPP Insulated Shipping Containers

EPP Insulated Shipping Containers

Product Description

Our EPP insulation boxes, or thermo boxes are made of absolutely shock resistant EPP (expanded polypropylene). This makes the transport boxes break-resistant and light for the optimal transport of temperature sensitive goods. They combine the ease of styrofoam with extreme fracture and impact resistance, which guarantees them a very long life. The boxes can be optimally used in a temperature range from -40°C to +120°C. Taste and odor and acid stability are ensured compliant with the applicable requirements of hygiene, even with prolonged transport and / or downtime.

The containers are stackable and have a tight fitting lid. Branding and Graphics services can be provided upon demand. Discounts and variations in prices are available for large quantities - Please contact us for a quote.


1. Can be stable used at ambient temperature -40℃~80℃

2. One-piece molding, light weight,

3. Good insulation performance, longer service life

4. environmentally friendly materials, recyclable

5. Water and oil resistance

6. Sizes Available : 4~130L

7. Highly reusable


1. Home care: Physical cooling, fever cold hemostatic, hurt sprain, physical therapy to  protect skin, etc

2. Refrigerated transport: Poultry meat, fruit and vegetables, dairy products, aquatic  products, agricultural products, chocolate, cooked food and other kinds of goods  transportation.

3. Cold storage preservation: Fresh breast milk, beer drinks cold, cold storage   preservation of food and other goods

4. An ideal products for transport seafood.

Product List

ModelMaterialShell / linerOuter diametermmInner diametermmThicknessmmWeightkgEffective volume (L)


XP21-18EPPEPP+ Black clip leather410*290*320mm340*220*250mm35
XP22-43EPPEPP+ Black clip leather500*400*420mm420*320*340mm35
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