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  • EPE Insulated Containers

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EPE Insulated Containers

Custom Molded EPE (polyethylene foam) is a type of packaging material which provides strong cushioning properties and shock proofing capabilities. Custom Molded EPE foam packaging is flexible and light and offers excellent elasticity. The cushioning capabilities absorb shocks by spreading the impact from the outside while having the ability to bend itself.

Custom Molded EPE packaging avoids the weaknesses found in traditional rubber foams such as breaking, distortion and poor rebound features. EPE foam packaging provides thermal performance, moisture protection, anit-friction, anti-aging and rot durability. Custom Molded EPE Foam packaging is also reausable and meets federal and military specifications.

1. Excellent cost to protection ratio

2. Light weight material saves shipping costs

3. Provides cushion protection by absorbing shocks

4. Custom molded shapes provide precision fit for products

5. Available in a variety of densities

6. Thermal Insulation

7. Strong but Soft

8. Contains no CFCs

They are great for keeping items warm or cool.
FinePE™ customers use them for chocolatiers, medical, frozen food, picnic or for testing labs and online grocery shippers. We'd fit the box liners to the dimensions of your box accordingly.

ModelMaterialShell / linerOuter diametermmInner diametermmThicknessmmWeightkgEffective volume (L)ModelMaterial
RZ28-21EPEAluminum coated pearl cotton250*250*360mm250250360245*245*3552452453552.80.0321.3
RZ29-31EPEAluminum coated pearl cotton290*290*390mm290290390285*285*3852852853852.80.03831.3
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