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What is the Role Of Refrigerating Incubator In Cold Chain Logistics?

Apr. 27, 2021

As a THERMAL Management Solutions Supplier, share with you.

Today, in the development of cold chain logistics, the most difficult link is the last kilometer, that is, the warranty of refrigerated temperatures and time. 

EPE Insulated Containers

EPE Insulated Containers

1.Multi-variety multimodel: guarantee the temperature and time of the cold chain product.

2.Multiple hours, more specifications: the incubator size is complete, the insulation performance is not equal.

3.Meet the special needs of our customers, tailored.

4.Strong and durable, anti-collision.

At present, this huge cake in the cold chain market has been present in front of us, from e-commerce, logistics, express delivery to the railway, and the aviation of all walks of life have entered it, this is a master of masters, the game. But the success or failure faces a difficulty to be solved, which is the last kilometer of the whole cold chain. The core competition in the last kilometer is that not only who can have a supporting ability, but also who can take the lead in having convenient, insulation, strong, and durable mobile refrigeration equipment - cold chain insulation box.

Objectively, the incubator plays a small role in the entire cold chain process, not only means the size is small, the weight is small, and the cost is low, and the company's investment is small. However, compared to refrigerated transportation equipment such as refrigerated bus, it is more flexible, personalized, more suitable for small batches of fresh electric vendors, multi-batch, multi-variety, multi-temperature zone product characteristics, and more convenient "door-to-door" Delivery and picking, so it acts at the entire distribution chain, especially in the last kilometer distribution, and its important energy. At present, the main delivery method taken by my country's cold chain house with the last kilometer is the car + incubator. Therefore, from the entire cold chain supply chain, the incubator should be an indispensable ring, which is like a precision instrument. The nut, less of its overall efficiency, will be greatly reduced, and even the operation is not possible.

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