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Can the Medical Refrigerator Ensure that the Medicine Does Not Deteriorate Within the Prescribed Validity Period?

Apr. 22, 2021

As a Cold Chain Equipment Supplier, share with you.

According to relevant regulations, the storage of medicines must be carried out in accordance with the instructions. The basic storage method of most medicines is to place them in a room temperature warehouse (not higher than 30℃) and a cool warehouse (not higher than 20℃). A few medicines need to be refrigerated ( 2℃-8℃) placed in the medicine refrigerator, the storage relative humidity of the medicine should be kept between 45%-75%. Only strict medical refrigerators ensure the corresponding storage conditions, and medical refrigerators can ensure that the drugs do not deteriorate within the specified validity period.

Insulation Containers

Insulation Containers

At present, most of the medicines that need to be refrigerated by domestic pharmaceutical retail companies are stored in food storage refrigerators, and the instructions of such refrigerators clearly indicate "cannot be used for storing medicines" because the humidity exceeds the standard; medicines that require cool storage (Chinese and Western patent medicines, The storage conditions of Chinese medicinal materials, Chinese medicinal pieces) are even less guaranteed, and pharmacies basically store them at room temperature. The temperature control accuracy is poor, and the humidity is even more difficult to control, so that the quality of the medicine cannot be guaranteed.

According to the requirements of the new version of GSP, before 2016, pharmaceutical retail companies must be equipped with medical refrigerators and refrigerated storage equipment. Those who do not meet the requirements of the new version of the drug GSP must not continue to engage in pharmaceutical business activities. For pharmaceutical retail companies, it may be a whole A hurdle that can't be passed.

In order to ensure the quality and safety of medicines, the R&D and production of medical refrigerators is extremely necessary. At present, the equipment of medical refrigerators is not very common, but we can foresee that its market must be very broad. Therefore, relevant departments and enterprises should start from this aspect. Developed a medical refrigerator with automatic temperature and humidity monitoring function.

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