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What are the Cleaning and Maintenance Methods for the Insulated Box?

Mar. 22, 2021

Speaking of insulated boxes, many people know it, and many Cold Chain Equipment Manufacturers should use insulated boxes the most. So many people have questions about the characteristics of insulated boxes, and what cleaning and maintenance are there. The method, the following editor will help you summarize the relevant knowledge.

Insulated Cardboard Boxes

Insulated Cardboard Boxes

Insulated boxes are boxes and bags with thermal insulation properties used in food delivery. Insulation boxes are divided into different types according to different product textures, including plastic, foam, metal, wooden and other insulated boxes.

Features of insulated box:

1. Heat and cold resistance: The insulation box has relatively high requirements for heat resistance and cold resistance. It will not deform in high temperature water, and it can even be disinfected with boiling water.

2. Durability: It must have superior impact resistance, not easy to break under heavy pressure or impact, will not leave scratches, and can be used for life.

3. Sealing: This is the primary consideration when choosing an insulating box. Although different brands of products have different sealing methods, excellent airtightness is a necessary condition for the long-lasting freshness of memory food.

4. Freshness preservation: The international sealing test standard is evaluated by the moisture permeability test. The moisture permeability of high-quality insulated boxes is 200 times lower than that of similar products, which can keep things fresh for a longer time.

5. Versatility and diversity: According to the needs of life, different sizes are designed and used with reusable technology ice packs. The ice pack can keep cold and heat (the minimum ice pack can be frozen to -190℃, and the highest can be heated to 200℃. Any cutting size)

6. Environmental protection: Food grade environmentally friendly LLDPE material, non-toxic, tasteless, anti-ultraviolet, and not easy to change color.

Cleaning and maintenance of insulation box:

1. The food remaining in the insulated box is prone to bad smell, so the insulated box must be cleaned regularly.

2. Open the upper cover, and use a soft towel or sponge dipped in warm water or neutral detergent to clean and wipe it.

3. After using detergent, it must be cleaned with clean water, and then wiped dry with a dry cloth.

4. Clean the dust on the top of the insulated box frequently to avoid affecting the aesthetic effect.

Note: When cleaning the insulated box, do not directly sprinkle water on the box body or the box body, so as to avoid artificial damage to the package body and seep into the insulation layer.

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