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CIMC Escorted the Whole Process, and 1 Million Doses of China's New Crown Vaccine Delivered to Tashkent

Apr. 09, 2021

On March 27, CIMC was responsible for transporting the new crown vaccine developed by Anhui Zhifei from Shanghai Pudong International Airport to Uzbekistan. Chinese Ambassador to Uzbekistan Jiang Yan, Uzbek Presidential Advisor Abduvasitov, and Minister of Health Hajibaye Hu, Minister of Innovation and Development Abdullahmonov and others greeted him at the airport.

CIMC Escorted the Whole Process

The external protein of the coronavirus is synthesized by biotechnological methods, and when it is introduced into the body, it will produce an immune response to the protein. The Ministry of Innovation and Development of Uzbekistan stated that this type of vaccine has the highest safety compared with other types of vaccines.

CIMC Escorted the Whole Process

CIMC's entire vaccine transportation service includes cold chain packaging design, packing, inland transportation, airport customs declaration, airport operations and other logistics management, until 1 million vaccines are successfully delivered to the recipient, and the temperature control results show good results.

CIMC Escorted the Whole Process

This time, CIMC uses the newly developed XT10 box type, which has the characteristics of large box, light weight, high loading rate, easy loading and unloading at the bottom of the pallet, and 150-hour temperature control aging, which is more suitable for the transportation of large quantities of vaccines or medicines.

CIMC Escorted the Whole Process

Relying on the efficient and professional teams of both parties, this batch of COVID-19 vaccine was successfully shipped to Uzbekistan.

CIMC Escorted the Whole Process

It is worth mentioning that the temperature control management of this vaccine is very strict. In order to be foolproof, CIMC and Zhifei jointly used two different brands of temperature recorders to ensure the accuracy and referenceability of the records. After the vaccine arrived in Uzbekistan and was successfully delivered, the two temperature recorders showed that the temperature was well controlled, which also proved that the CIMC product is excellent, the service is in place, the professionalism is high, and it can withstand multiple tests.

Here, CIMC expresses its heartfelt thanks to the on-site functional departments such as Pudong Airport customs and security inspection! The efficient close cooperation of the airport fully demonstrates our emphasis on vaccine export operations. The CIMC international team is very honored to be able to carry the new crown vaccine exported by Zhifei Biological. This is a batch of vaccines carrying responsibility and hope, and it is hoped that it can save more lives in the future. CIMC will also go all out to provide more high-quality all-round cold chain transportation solutions for more Covid-19 vaccines, and help the world out of the haze of the new crown.

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