What is the Big Role of Refrigerated Incubators In Cold Chain Logistics?
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What is the Big Role of Refrigerated Incubators In Cold Chain Logistics?

May. 18, 2021

With the rapid development of cold chain logistics today, the most difficult link is the last mile, which is the guarantee of cold storage temperature and time. The following is the incubator provided by Thermal Management Solutions Supplier to provide a solution:

EPE Insulated Containers

EPE Insulated Containers

1. Multi-variety and multi-temperature zone: guarantee the temperature and time of cold chain products.

2. Multiple periods (intervals), multiple specifications (sizes): The incubator has a complete range of sizes and different thermal insulation properties.

3. It can be customized to meet the special needs of customers.

4. Strong and durable, anti-collision.

At present, it seems that the huge cake of the cold chain market has been shown before us. Powerful players from all walks of life from e-commerce, logistics, express delivery, railways, and aviation have entered. This is a game of masters and strong players. But success or failure faces a difficulty that needs to be solved urgently, that is, the last mile of the entire cold chain. The core competition of the last mile is not only to see who can have the necessary organizational capabilities, but also to see who can take the lead in owning a convenient, heat-preserving, sturdy, and durable mobile refrigeration equipment-cold chain incubator.

Objectively speaking, the incubator plays a small role in the entire cold chain process, not only refers to its small size and weight, but also low cost and low investment pressure for enterprises. However, compared to refrigerated transportation equipment such as refrigerated trucks, it is more flexible, mobile, and personalized, and is more suitable for the product characteristics of small batches, multiple batches, multiple varieties, and multiple temperature zones of fresh food e-commerce, and more convenient "door to door" The delivery and collection of goods, so it actually plays an extremely important energy in the entire distribution chain, especially the last mile distribution. Our company also has EPE Insulated Containers on sale, welcome to contact us.

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