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Looking back on the past, we have achieved an annual growth rate of three times. In 2017, Beijing cimc made breakthroughs in  four aspects: network layout, market development, quality assurance and team building, and formed an overall comprehensive advantage in the domestic cold chain supply chain, making outstanding contributions to the whole cold chain industry. Beijing

cimc will be the industry in the past customers to buy products and services alone, into the customer procurement of the supply chain. Adhere to provide customers with high-quality low-cost products and quality services, so that customers can control the

cost of accurate management.

"We use wisdom and struggle to create our own life, this kind of wealth is not only money but also a lot of happiness and

happiness in life. I believe that each of us in Beijing will use our efforts and wisdom to create wealth and happiness for every enterprise and every family!" In the future, we will continue to deepen enterprise innovation, open up new markets, strengthen research and development capabilities, gather momentum far.

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