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CIMC Fine can provide customization temperature shipment solutions for global customers with a cost-effective service.

1.Detailed shipping SOP instructions.

2.Personalized temperature customization service.

3.Temperature strictly monitoring during shipment.

4.Extensive medical fresh food transportation experience.

5.Nationwide cold chain transportation network, with branches in 34 provincial capitals and hub cities, covers more than 2,000 cities.

6.Provide insulation box sales and rental services worldwide.

CIMC FinePE has served nearly 100 fresh e-commerce enterprises, including the domestic top ten, and won the metal of the top three excellent suppliers. 

Despite the Fresh Food shipment, CIMC FinePE also serves lots of medical customers including

1.Clinical Samples

2.Clinical Drugs


4.In vitro diagnostic reagents

5.Cell Tissue

6.Biological Products

All medical subdivisions that require high-standard cold chain transportation.


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