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CIMC FinePE equips a City level cold chain verification laboratory and a Phase Variable Material R&D laboratory. Qualified of cold chain equipment verification and can customize professional cold chain temperature control products according to customer needs.


There are 4 temperature control product production bases locates in 4 hubs in China, Daily production of ice packs more than 1 million, insulation boxes more than 13,000, ice bricks 300,000 pieces, Temperature Monitors 10,000, fully meet the increasing demand at home and abroad.


As the owner of one of the biggest phase-change cooler box R&D data center and production base, FinePE got independent intellectual property rights more than 60 and developed products up to 600 kinds. From Ice Packs, Ice Bricks, Medical Insulation Boxes to Intelligent cold chain products, Temperature Monitors, Cold Chain Data Platform, all condensed exploration and innovation sprit of CIMC FinePE people.333333333333.png

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