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During the COVID-19 pandemic, CIMC refrigerators containing epidemic prevention supplies were

exported to Portugal, Indonesia, Germany, Poland, Iran, Italy, Cambodia ...


1.35 branches spread in provincial capitals and hub cities, covering more than 1,000 cities nationwide

2.professional cold storage were built in 20 major hub cities, covering an area of more than 10,000

  cubic meters

3.Employees up to 500

4.Annual sales reach to 210 million


1.Sales exceeded 250 million

2.The annual output of ice packs up to 70 million


1.Sanhe Company expanded production capacity

2.Sales exceeded 170 million

3.Baigou Branch was established

4.Start business with Sinopharm


1.Cooperate with CIMC Cold Chain Research Institute to develop passive cold storage

2.temperature control refrigerated containers

3.Develop of temperature control solutions for pharmaceutical cold chain packaging materials

4.Cold chain verification laboratory was set up

5.CIMC Chileng and CIMC cold cloud were established

6.60 million in sales


1.Explore pharmaceutical packaging materials solutions and cut into the pharmaceutical cold chain business

2.Started cooperation with to supply customized incubators and frozen ice packs

June 2014

1.Start focus on food and fresh e-commerce industry

Dec. 2013

1.Started to business with COFCO Group and SF Express to provide incubators and frozen ice packs

June 2012

1.Established Sanhe Phase-changing Energy Co. Ltd.

2.Production of phase change material energy storage materials, mainly used in car

3.refrigerators, medical cooling belts, facility agriculture temperature control.

4.Phase change material R & D laboratory was built up.

March 2012

1.Beijing Fine Phase-changing Energy Co. Ltd. was established

2.Main business of R&D, technical consulting and sales for Phase change materials related products.

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